Los Angeles Taxi Fare Estimates

Are you looking for a taxi service from or to Los Angeles? There are several taxi options available to you. The most popular ones are highlighted below. Many passengers prefer to use the Uber or Lyft app to order a taxi from Los Angeles, although you can also choose to book a cab in advance. Available taxi options:

  • Standard (1-4 ppl. Affordable rides, all to yourself.)
  • Black (1-4 ppl. High-end rides with professional drivers)
  • Green (1-4 ppl. Electric and hybrid vehicles)
  • XL (1-6 ppl. Affordable rides for groups up to 6.)

Taxi Price Estimates in Los Angeles

Here is economy-class estimated taxi fares categorized by distance in miles. While the prices are in miles, it's important to note that we've used a sophisticated formula to calculate these fares, taking into account factors like time, distance, location popularity, and density.

Distance Estimated Fare
1 mile ~ ($1.79 - $1.97)
3 miles ~ ($5.37 - $5.91)
5 miles ~ ($8.95 - $9.85)
7 miles ~ ($12.53 - $13.78)
9 miles ~ ($16.11 - $17.72)
Distance Estimated Fare
11 miles ~ ($19.69 - $21.66)
17 miles ~ ($30.43 - $33.47)
21 miles ~ ($37.59 - $41.35)
25 miles ~ ($44.75 - $49.23)

Note: Please keep in mind that all the taxi rates provided here are estimates and may not account for differences influenced by factors like geography, traffic congestion, or other variables.

Calculate Los Angeles Taxi Prices

To find the available taxi fares in Los Angeles, simply choose your "Pickup location" and "Drop-off location" and click on "Get Fare Estimate."

Our taxi fare estimator will then calculate the estimated travel time, distance, and the corresponding cost for your trip.

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Here is a list of nearby locations worth exploring as well. Please note that pricing may vary depending on the density of the area. Try to select the closest.

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Are you flying out of Los Angeles? Here are the nearby airports you can consider: Bob Hope Airport (BUR), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Long Beach Airport (LGB). You can get an estimated taxi price from Los Angeles to any of these nearby airports.

Frequently asked questions

Based on our data, the average price for a Standard taxi such as UberX in Los Angeles is approximately $1.79 per mile, assuming that traffic conditions are normal.

Both Uber and Lyft both provide a range of taxi service options in Los Angeles.

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