Taxis in Gothenburg

Are you in need of a taxi service to or from Gothenburg?

In Gothenburg, you can get these taxi services

  • Black (1-4 ppl. High-end rides with professional drivers)
  • Comfort (1-4 ppl. Newer cars with extra legroom)
  • Green (1-4 ppl. Electric and hybrid vehicles)
  • Package (1-4 ppl. Send packages to friends & family)
  • Uber Pet (1-4 ppl. Affordable rides for you and your pet)
  • UberX (1-4 ppl. Affordable rides, all to yourself.)
  • UberX Saver (1-4 ppl. A new trip option with lower fares)
  • Wait & Save (1-4 ppl. Get a cheaper ride by waiting a little longer)

Calculate Taxi Fare

To get estimates for the available taxi fares, simply choose your "Pickup location" and "Drop-off location" and click on "Get Fare Estimate."

Our taxi fare estimator will then calculate the estimated travel time, distance, and the corresponding cost for your trip.